Tree Trimming Services

High Point NC

Why Trim Your Tree?

Taking proper care of your trees with annual or semiannual trimming is necessary for safety, aesthetic, and the future growth of your trees. It is obvious that a branch needs to be trimmed or cut off if it’s at an unsafe level, or is damaged from something like a storm. If trees are trimmed every year or two, it can build up the shape of your tree and help make it naturally look better, which reflects well on your property! Last, trimming is best for the future growth of your trees, because it eliminates growth that is being spent on branches that aren’t necessary, and puts it towards the rest of the tree to make it grow faster and taller. For any tree services in High Point NC give us a call.

What is the Best Time for Tree Trimming?

When deciding what the best time for tree trimming is, it depends on the situation at hand. In emergency situations such as after a storm, it is always best to get dangerous branches trimmed as soon as possible. For annual trimming, experts recommend any time between late fall and early spring.This catches the trees at a time where they are not exerting maximum growth and therefore eliminates chances of hurting the tree any more than necessary. Annual trimming done yourself, or with a professional, will promote the best growth done during this time.