Tree Removal

Why Should I Remove A Tree?

Tree removal is necessary for many reasons and can lead to the overall well being for a property. These can include getting rid of dead trees, clearing the way for a new build, or emergency fallen trees. A dead tree is best to be removed because it provides the risk of falling over and dropping branches on your yard. If a tree is in the way for the next project, or was planted in a poor spot many years ago, our experts can remove it with the promise of having a nice looking yard afterwards.

Why Should You Use a Professional Tree Service?

Safety. When dealing with large trees and branches, this is the main reason to call professionals. Using the correct equipment and techniques to properly remove a tree is the most important thing needed to get the job done. Whether you call us or somebody across town, getting the job done properly should be the number one thing at task. High Point Tree Services has the years of experience necessary to get the work done the right way, every time.

Will Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

Insurance coverage depends on the type of damage or removal that is needed. In some emergency situations the removal of one or more trees can be covered. General removal can be covered for certain reasons but it is always our recommendation to check with your insurance company to get all the details on coverage.