Stump Removal

High Point NC

Why Remove Your Stump

Whether you just cut down a tree or have had that old stump in the front yard for awhile now, removing it is in the best interest for you and your neighborhood. Having a stump is taking away from your yard aesthetic, could be a hazard, and is a hassle to mow around. Getting it removed with either our grinder or other methods lays a path to either a cleaner yard, or a spot for a future tree to shade you and your family.

When Should You Remove Your Stump?

The timing of removing a stump depends on the preference of the customer. Any time of the year that works for you, will work for us. If a tree was cut down last week, or last year, it doesn’t make a difference for our crew.The sizing of the stump is something that will depend on how long it takes for the actual removal. If you are wanting to get rid of a larger stump, it will take more time than a smaller one. This is due to the method of removal that our experts have to use, as well as the equipment.